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Counseling and Therapy Services

Mindfulness, compassion, and curiosity are some of my guiding values in sessions with clients and in life.   We have parts of us that have gone unrecognized for most or all of our lives.  I utilize Internal Family Systems, or “parts work”, to discover these parts in a curious manner while cultivating compassion for ourselves.

I am a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, reiki master, and mindfulness/yoga instructor.  These modalities help create a safe and grounded space for my clients so that they may feel comfortable to share vulnerably and perhaps dive deep into the work.

My background in deaf education also informs my practice through my awareness of various learning differences so I attempt to accommodate clients’ learning styles through visual, experiential, and/or discussion of information.

When working with clients, I take into account personal experience, background, family relationships, society and cultural experiences so that we may look at the healing experience through a broad and close lens.  We work with the interpersonal relationships (with others) and the intrapersonal relationship (with self).

Together, we will co-create a space that feels safe, healing, and nurturing. We will look at challenges you may currently be facing to begin to take steps towards desired outcomes.


I see clients via tele-health at this time all over the Hawaiian islands.  I work closely with a supervisor for my therapeutic training and supervision.

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