Podcast for going Inward


The Inward Motion Podcast

Going inward is the first step towards self-awareness. With awareness of the self comes greater understanding of the authenticity that you bring to this world. This podcast explores various healing modalities to bring you closer to your center and your truth. We discuss Reiki, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, essential oils, and mental wellness. Inward Motion is about going inward to observe and honor the self and bring that healing out into the world.  

Interested in being featured on the podcast?

 We are currently scheduling interviews with practitioners, educators, and healers who have a practice that allows for connection with the self on a deeper level.  Practices such as Ayurveda, angel cards, intuitive eating, tarot readings, intuitive experiences, body awareness, natural solutions, therapy, etc. are welcome. 

Click the link below to schedule and be considered for the podcast