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Events with Christy

Upcoming events will be posted here.  Learn about the healing power of essential oils with free online events and essential oil experiences.  Attend Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) group sessions online and in-person on Maui.

Want me to host a class for you?  Contact me to discuss rates and schedule. I offer free essential oil education and some paid programs including Done For You Creations for Integrative Wellness. 

Contact me to schedule:

Essential Oils Made Easy

Monday, December 12th

May Classes (Instagram Story) (Instagram Post).png

12pm HT | 2pm PT | 3pm MT | 4pm PT | 5pm ET

You will learn...

  • What essential oils are and how they work.

  • 3 ways to safely and effectively use essential oils.

  • How to use the top 13 essential oils to support a variety of health concerns.

  • 9 ways to easily incorporate essential oils into your daily routine.

  • Essential oils that should not be used.

  • How to ensure your essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic and safe.

  • How to use them for emotional support. 

Essential Oil Experience

4 day protocol and education

Ongoing dates

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Digestive discomfort?

  • Sleep issues?

  • Anxious feelings?

  • Daily discomfort?


Cost is $8 to participate and currently only available to US residents only.

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Reiki Master Training

Reiki-certification (1).png

October 24th - 26th and/or December 19th - 21st

11am - 3pm daily

  • Learn Reiki Level I, II, III/Master training in person on Maui

  • Practice Reiki symbols and techniques each day

  • Learn tapping techniques and grounding practices for self-clearing and centering

  • Set up healing sessions, learn business strategies, and more.

You will...

Gifts, manual, and snacks provided for each session. Complete all three in three days or spread it out to choose your dates between October/December. 

Anchor to you Strengths


online - one day event

You will learn...

  • How the power of our senses (touch and smell) can anchor our strengths for when we lose focus, feel depressed, get overwhelmed, and struggle with doubt. 

  • Use essential oils and tapping to anchor to your strengths and remind yourself of your core values and strengths.

Commitment to pay for and complete the Clifton Strengths Finders Assessment and purchase recommended essential oils required. 

May Classes (Instagram Story) (Instagram Post) (2).png
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