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As an empath and sensitive person, I am able to validate and affirm feelings while offering tools, guidance, and support. I hold compassionate space for processing thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  

I'm passionate about natural solutions like essential oils for home and health care.  I am also an avid researcher and seek evidence based practices in life.  

Speaking, educating, guiding, and counseling are all a part of my work.  Whether it's through my podcast, social media, in-person, or virtually, I provide services for going inward. I enjoy connecting with individuals during life transitions who may be wrestling with self-identity, or feeling stuck in some way to gain clarity and confidence. 

I have a history of working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, or on the spectrum, or with other learning differences.  I've worked with babies all the way up to 22-year-olds.  I also work with couples, families, and individuals who are neuro-typical, typically hearing, deaf, and hard-of-hearing.

Although I do know sign language, I do not provide services in ASL.  I primarily work with individuals who use listening devices such as cochlear implants or hearing aids. 


2009 - 2011

2011 - 2013

2014 - 2016



2018 - 2021



After several car accidents in a few years, I went on a journey to find healing emotionally and physically. You can hear more about it on my podcast.

Became a Reiki Master, studied reflexology, natural healing arts, and sign language. Befriended deaf individuals and attended Deaf Club events in Fort Collins, CO where I lived at the time. 

Completed graduate school in St. Louis where I learned to be a Teacher of the Deaf specializing in Listening and Spoken Language + completed 200-RYT and Yoga for Youth trainings. 

Moved to Maui to be a teacher of the Deaf and completed the 80-hour Yoga Ed. training for teaching yoga to kids in the education system. 

Founded Hawaii Hears, LLC to advocate and raise awareness for deaf education services in Hawaii. 

Graduate school for Marriage and Family Therapy where I felt as if I was exactly where I was supposed to be to help make sense of all my experiences and provide more comprehensive services to families of children with hearing loss. 

Started incorporating essential oils into my healing practice for natural solutions for the home and health.

Completed EFT - tapping certification for connecting with subconscious beliefs, relieve stress, and reduce self-doubt to include in my work with families, couples, and individuals. 


Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy  (MA MFT)

Masters in Deaf Education (M.S.D.E.)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) practitioner

Reiki Master/Teacher and Drummer

Aromatherapy + essential oil guide

Aromatherapy Technique (in training)


Mindfulness and breathwork practitioner

Yoga Instructor (500-YTT including yoga for kids and youth)


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