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Who I Am and What I Do

A bit about me

I am in the business of relationships.  Not only as a Marriage and Family Therapist (relational therapy), but as a wellness guide, speaker, author, and advocate for deaf children. My services range from essential oil guidance, 1:1 counseling/life-coaching, to parent platform for hearing parents with deaf children, to business building support. 

It is through all of my work, I help clients who may be struggling with self-doubt, worry, discomfort, into a place of ease, self-confidence, and clarity.  They are able to create the life they want from a place of empowered certainty to achieve their goals and dreams. 


I’ve been working with Christy over the last few months, and I have experienced phenomenal healing and transformation both inside and out.  She has an amazing skill set, allowing her to identify the root cause of physical or energetic pain that may be present.  Through her holistic treatment methods, she assists the patient in working through issues that may be acting as barriers to healing.  I highly recommend her to anybody looking to heal at the deepest level of their being.

Amanda E


"Healing is a matter of time. It is also sometimes a matter of opportunity."